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User documentation

Please see

Developer documentation

The source code includes a DeveloperGuide.docx, which contains an overview of how it works.

Build instructions

1. Download the source code (get it from the Downloads tab or the Source Code tab)

2. Open the solution in Visual Studio 2010; you'll need a supported version - see

3. Build the solution (press F6)

Trying it out

If you have Word 2007 or 2010 installed, you can now run the Add-In from Visual Studio (by pressing F5 "Start Debugging"). You should see an "OpenDoPE" menu/ribbon in Word, and log output in the Visual Studio output window.

See the Walkthrough PDF (linked above) for details on how to use it.


To publish, you probably need at least a Test Certificate. Right click on the OpenDoPE project; choose Properties; Signing tab; then press the "Create Test Certificate..." button.

Now go to the Publish tab (just below the Signing tab):
  • confirm the location settings (you can set the Installation Folder URL to match the Publishing Folder Location by using \\your-computer-name\blagh etc for the Installation Folder URL)
  • then press the "Publish Now" button.

If Publish succeeded, you can run the setup.exe from your Publish Location to install your Add-In; you can then try it out in Word.

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