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Spurious tab behavior on no open files


  1. Start word and close the empty document that appears. (I do this generelly before opening / creating new documents in order not to have another window hanging around.)
  2. Word gives three related runtime errors (re-translated from German, so not necessarily precise): "Run time error at user defined user interface in OpenDoPE_Wed: Exception calling function IsAddDoPEEnabled. The exception method is: This operation is not available, as no document is open." (Same for IsShowCTPEnabled and isInjectMacroEnabled). Also, the buttons "Document.xml" and "Fix XPath Dupe IDs" are not grayed.
System should not throw error messages and all buttons should be grayed.


tinne wrote Aug 30, 2012 at 10:38 AM

In the current version, the exceptions are fixed. Both buttons are still enabled.

In addition, when you now create a new document (File / New / Empty Document), the "Add OpenDoPE parts to this docx" button is not enabled. In fact, as Bind this text/wrap with condition/wrap with repeat/show tags/document.xml/fix XPath Dupe IDs are enabled, it is treated as if it already has dope inside.